About us

Founded in 2016, Animal Law is a non-profit organization based in Italy committed to bring together lawyers and scholars already contributing to the progress of legal protection for animals in Europe.

Our aspiration is to strengthen the development of more comprehensive and effective laws and achieve a better enforcement of existing animal protection laws in Italy and throughout Europe.

Even though we are currently based in Italy and focused to strengthen our reach within this country, we are actively building a network across Europe.

If you want to get in touch with us, please write to [email protected]

What We Do

In Italy, we organize meetings, conferences, training courses for lawyers, veterinaries and other professional about animal welfare legislation and related topics. We regularly cooperate with universities, public institutions and other non-profits.

We have launched a campaign to emend the Italian Civil Code, in order to declare animals “sentient beings”. Similar legal provisions have already been passed in France, Germany, Switzerland and Luxembourg.

We contribute to the progress of animal studies, publishing an online magazine focusing on current issues in animal law, welfare and ethics.


Via Raffaele Bovio 4 – 70126 BARI (ITALY)
Email: [email protected]
Office phone: +39 080 8806675
Hours: 9-13 15-18, from Mon to Fri.


We appreciate any donations and use the money collected for our ongoing activities.

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