We pleaded the Italian PM to insert Animals in the Constitution

Draghi's commitment to insert "sustainable development" in the Constitution should be made effective with a provision protecting animals as "sentient beings".

Animal Law Italia sent a letter to the new Italian Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, to the Minister for Ecological Transition, Roberto Cingolani, and to the Standing Committee of the Italian Senate responsible for Constitutional Affairs. 

The letter calls for the application of the Lisbon Treaty to the Italian Constitution, or in other words, the protection of all animals as sentient beings. Many organisations have already joined the cause: HIS/Europe –  Italian, OIPA Italia, LAV, ENPA, Save the Dogs and Other Animals, Essere Animali, Legambiente, LNDC Animal Protection, Animal Equality Italia, CIWF Italia.

The constitutional recognition represents a clear and necessary step in order to guarantee the preservation of animal rights but also the protection of our environment. Furthermore, it would represent (and show) continuity with the Prime Minister’s intention to develop the Italian Constitution in an environmentally sustainable pathway. Finally, the Constitution is a vital instrument to safeguard the planet and future generations. 

Currently, the Italian Constitution considers and legally equates animals to objects, contrary to the scientific-based evidence which supports that all animals can feel. This is why Animal Law Italia is asking the Government to pay attention to the matter and change the National Constitution. 

Other countries, like Germany, Austria and Switzerland, have already recognised this very right to all animals. The Indian Constitution requires every citizen to protect and be compassionate towards all living beings, including animals (art 51).

Charitable organisations and associations are asking the Italian Government to act now. We trust the Parliament ought to take on the modernisation of the Constitution as the common interest to all Italian citizens; more than a million of citizens actively volunteer for animal rights associations on the national territory. Our relationship with cats and dogs has turned into shedding a light on our relationship with the whole animal kingdom. 

Alessandro Ricciutihttp://www.alessandroricciuti.it
Avvocato, attivista, presidente di Animal Law Italia.

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We pleaded the Italian PM to insert Animals in the Constitution